As our phones are temporarily out of order, we would appreciate 
                                         you sending emails to reach church staff.

Staff Directory

Anderson T J 651.797.7860 email Senior Pastor
Armstrong, Diane 651.797.7832 email Admin Assistant Pastoral Staff, Notary
Berglund, Greg   email Associate Pastor
Burmeister, Bob 651-797-7854 email Associate Pastor
Carlson, Barb 651.797.7824 email Administration
Childs, Rich 651.797.7838 email Communications
Communications 651.797.7836 email Communications
Dougherty, Nita 651.797.7817 email Productions, Resources
Easter, Deneen 651.797.7953 email NeHi 
Erickson, Melissa 651.797.7831 email Children/Family Administration
Foss, Bruce   email Housekeeping
Gaustad, Lee 651.769.3918 email  Housekeeping
Goodmanson, Nancy 651.797.7803 email Weddings & Events
Gunard, Will 651-797-7846 email Youth
Haakenson, Kristen   email Bell Choir
Hardwick, Jan 651-797-7853   Worship Music
Hardwick, Thom 651-797-7840 email Worship Leader—Roseville
Hearn, Sarah 651-797-7857 email Events
Hoffman, Connie 651-797-7805 email Youth 
Horton, James 651.797.7919 email Roseville Facilities
Johnson, Ruth 651.797.7865 email Music & Arts
Juring, Paula 651.797.7810 email Worship Music
Larson, Nick 651.797.7842 email Worship Leader—Arden Hills
Logelin, Orlando 651-797-7826 email Planned Giving
Oldfield, John 651.797.7801 email Sr. Director Finance & Administration
Olson, Dev  651-797-7937 email Roseville Housekeeping
Otterson, George 651.797.7844 email Arden Hills Facilities
Peterson, Brandon 651.797.7872 email Engineer—Technical Services
Pheneger, Luann 651.797.7825 email Administration
Pieper, Sarah 651.797.7815 email Celebrate! Dance Academy
Receptionist 651.797.7880 email Receptionist
Rickenbach, Noreen 651.797.7830 email Christian Education Director
Smith, Mary  651.797.7815 email Celebrate! Dance Academy
Spanton, Milt 651.797.7819 email Security
Taylor, Jeff 651.797.7934 email North Heights Christian Academy